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“College students should feel that they are participating in one of the most significant ventures ever to take place in the entire history of the planet.” ~ Thomas Berry

The Gaia Community College exists to inspire movement towards the reintegration of our species within the greater community of life and the furthering of conscious planetary evolution. Our intent is to help support and inspire collective healing and social change, and anything that moves our awareness towards harmonious relations with each other and our attitudes towards the earth are welcomed for consideration. We are inspired by the writings of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Eckhart Tolle, the art of Alex Grey, the presence of Barbara Marx Hubbard, the online Global MindShift project, the Gaiafield Project, the thought that we are collectively evolving towards an awakened self-reflective global consciousness, and many many others who are offering powerful visions towards our potential both as a species and as a planet. It is our express mission to playfully highlight these and other sustainable thought-forms through this website.

We would also encourage you to support The Gaia Community College by learning the Great Story and telling it. What is the Great Story you ask? It is the telling of our creation story with the understanding and insights we’ve earned scientifically but told poetically through the heart. It is the act of giving meaning to science, and thereby activating the greater realm of what science truly has to offer.

Please spread the word by linking to us, subscribing to our pages, social bookmarking us, giving us Shout Outs! wherever you go, and the wearing and display of G.C.C. apparel. Together we can envision our way towards a healthier community. Together we will Birth the New Earth!

“To learn how to live graciously together would make us worthy of this unique, beautiful, blue planet that evolved in its present splendor over some billions of years, a planet that we should give over to our children with the assurance that this great community of the living will lavish upon them the care that it has bestowed so abundantly upon ourselves. ” ~ Thomas Berry

gccheadcircle1The Gaia Community College was conceived and created during the summer of 2007 by sonic storyteller Eric Geoffrey as a facet of his musical evolution and as a contribution to the ever deepening awakening of our planet earth.

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So long as the human process is integral with these processes of nature, the human economy is sustainable into the future. The difficulty comes when the industrial mode of our economy disrupts the natural processes, when human technologies become destructive of earth technologies. ~ Thomas Berry

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