Curiously enough, Google “Biocracy” and there are numerous entries to choose from with mostly aligned definitions, yet try looking up the word in an online dictionary and you will find nothing. So we would propose:

BIOCRACY (bī’ ŏk ‘rə-sē) noun, A governing paradigm that recognizes the community of life as a whole as the prime context for establishing values, and to engage in decision making processes from within that context.

“One of the main characteristics of the emerging ecological period is the move from a human-centered norm of reality and value to a nature-centered norm. We cannot expect life, the earth, or the universe to fit into our rational human designs of how life, the earth, or the universe should function. We must fit our thinking and our actions within the larger process. We must move from democracy to biocracy.” ~Thomas Berry

The other term used throughout these pages and related materials that may not be familiar is:

ECOZOIC (ĕkŏ zō’ik) noun, As in Ecozoic Era. The term refers to the emerging era when humans live in a mutually enhancing relationship with the larger community of life systems. The Ecozoic Era could also be considered as the “ecological age”. Coined by Thomas Berry. The concept behind this is that we are at the termination phase of the Cenozoic Era, as the mass extinction event currently unfolding is the prime indicator of the end of our age. Berry says that we have a choice at this evolutionary crossroads, to continue blindly down the path of extinction or to reinvent what it means to be human in the greater context of the planetary community.

“Our difficulty is that we are just emerging from a technological entrancement. During this period the human mind has been placed within the narrowest confines it has experienced since consciousness emerged from its Paleolithic phase. Even the most primitive tribes have a larger vision of the universe, of our place and functioning within it, a vision that extends to celestial regions of space and to interior depths of the human in a manner far exceeding the parameters of our own world of technological confinement. The human at the species level needs to fulfill its functional role within this life community, for in the end the human community will flourish or decline as the earth and the community of living species flourishes or declines. ” ~ Thomas Berry


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College students should feel that they are participating in one of the most significant ventures ever to take place in the entire history of the planet. ~ Thomas Berry

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