15 March 2008

Brian Swimme ~ The New Story

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I am going to boldly put forth that there is no more passionate and insightful teller of The New Story than Brian Swimme. He conveys the heart and essence of evolutionary unfolding in such a beautifully poetic manner, and it is difficult to not get swept up in his words. If you are at all interested in discovering just what it is that The New Story is all about, or would like to revisit The New Story through a masterful presence, I cannot more highly recommend investing less than an hour of your time in viewing the video versions offered through the folks at Global Mindshift. The videos are top shelf in every regard, and it is a wonder of the age we live in that you can click on the link below and be treated to such quality material without having to sign up for something, or dig into your pocketbook. These are some of the best web videos that I have ever encountered, period.

Brian Swimme ~ The New Story

I do sincerely hope that you enjoy these offerings. I feel that they are testament indeed to the profound global awakening that we are being given the chance whether to participate in or not. The integral vision of the universe awakening through our species, and being given a voice, is moving indeed.

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Every term used in science is laden with greater mythic meaning than with rational comprehension. ~ Thomas Berry

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