31 March 2008

Carl Sagan ~ Pale Blue Dot

Posted by Biophile under: Community News .

I feel like we will forever be indebted to Carl Sagan for many reasons, but in my mind, the most important one was his willingness to consider the meaning of science. In an age when arrogance is such common currency among the scientific establishment intelligentsia, Carl was one of the first to recognize the importance of telling the story of what science teaches us through non-scientific language. His work has made the learnings of astronomy and the immense perspectives it offers us so available to those of us not steeped in the multi-year disciplines necessary for full immersion understandings in astrophysics and the like. Not to mention that Contact was an awesome book, and movie, an all too rare combination.

Pale Blue Dot is Carl Sagan at his best, and a perfect illustration of less is more. Hearing Carl is a stirring experience, and this adds to our collection of available entry portals to the profound and necessary perspectives granted through The Universe Story. Very sharable, and very capable of producing the awe and wonder so essential to the reinvention of our species as an integral member of the earth community.


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Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives. Children need a story that will bring personal meaning together with the grandeur and meaning of the universe. ~ Thomas Berry

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