22 April 2008

Earth Day Every Day!

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It is of course Earth Day, that annual rite of passage whereby we hope that ecological and environmental awareness grows faster than the rate of greenhouse gas emissions and the planetary rate of species going extinct at our hands. Here at The Gaia Community College, we strive for the ideal that Every Day is Earth Day, and though we are fully aware that that is something easier said than done, it is a worthy goal indeed.

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Learning how to coexist in a mutually enhancing manner is the central concept and the ultimate goal of The Gaia Community College, and in many ways, will be the keystone achievement for ensuring a habitable planet for all species. Thomas Berry reminds us (warns us?) that there can be no viable human community without a viable earth community.

Along those lines, it is the things that we can do everyday that can help make a difference, from calling our legislative representatives (for those of us lucky enough to live in a representational government), to the way that we choose to clean our houses. What we purchase is increasingly a vote for earth awareness and sustainability, as the money we spend does cast a vote heard by the powers that shape market forces.

There are a growing number of books, websites, and periodicals devoted to making green choices in our daily lives, and one of the tasks at hand through The Gaia Community College website is to highlight the ones that we find most aligned and inspiring. Instead of bombarding you with a large collection of daily news items, products, publications, and event listings, it is our intention to offer only the choicest morsels for your contemplation. We all know how valuable our time is in this day and age, and the last thing we want to do is belittle any of our chosen messages with diluted tripe.

As always, please link to us, pass along the good word, let us know of worthy inclusions for these pages, and help support this project and others like it in any way you can. When all is said and done, the only thing we truly have is our belief, and your belief in us does mean a lot. Thank you.

Yours in the Dream of the Earth (thanks Thomas!),


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The feel for life, the skills for creative interaction with the earth processes: these have been suppressed over a series of generations. ~ Thomas Berry

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