20 April 2009

Joseph Campbell on the New Myth

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This is definitely dated material from the now famous and seminal Bill Moyers interview with Joseph Campbell, but this clip is well worth watching as it so hones in on the kernel of meaning for the times that we live in that I felt it worth posting.  Joseph really hits the nail on the head with identifying the planet and it’s story as the only myth worthy of guiding us through this culminating moment in history, and I certainly feel a deep resonance with that perspective.  Makes me think of the Einstein quote about the mindset that created our problems is not capable of fixing them.  This is a great plea for utilizing our ability to tell the earth’s story as a healing and empowerment tool.  The video segment is found on the Global Mindshift website, and I hope you are as stimulated by it as I have been.

hero-3-joseph-campbellClick on the photo to go to the video.



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