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“By earth education I do not mean education about the earth, but the earth as the immediate self-educating community of those living and nonliving beings that constitute the earth. I might also go further and designate earth as the primary educational establishment, or the primary college, with a record of extraordinary success over some billions of years. ” ~ Thomas Berry

This quote, more than any other, has served as the inspirational impetus for the creation of The Gaia Community College. Our express intention through this website is to document instances of the emerging global consciousness, to highlight occurrences of the planetary evolution towards a sustainable and mutually enhancing human earth relationship. Increasingly people the world over are awakening to our connectedness, that we are all in fact related, that we all indeed share the same origin. Science illustrates the story of our common grounds through astronomy, astrophysics, biology, and genetics, and we are learning how to tell this story as creative humans. These pages will serve to chronicle the birth of the new earth as we grope our way towards a new understanding of just what it means to be a human being.

There is a growing planet wide community of scientists, artists, story tellers, musicians, community activists, writers, visionaries, and event organizers who are becoming increasingly aligned with the discovery of this mode of being ~ active participants in creative and conscious evolution. We would like to offer this concept of The Gaia Community College to serve as a unifying identity badge in the unfolding of the great work, as we feel it is a playful yet serious reminder that the task at hand is no less than to learn how to truly engage in community… the whole community of life. Along these lines, it is also our sincere desire to facilitate the recognition of Thomas Berry as the patron saint (if you will) of the emerging ecozoic / biocratic age. We would love to see the spread and appreciation of his seminal visionary contributions as widely as possible. We have been given a bright and shining guiding light through this rare and extraordinarily insightful soul, and we are all the richer for the gifts we have received from him.

“Human education is primarily the activation of the possibilities of the planet in a way that could not be achieved apart from human intelligence and the entire range of human activities. In this sense, human education is part of the larger evolutionary process.” ~ Thomas Berry

We are thoroughly committed to helping birth the new earth, and acting as a central clearing house for the collection and wider distribution of resonantly aligned and sustainable eco-spiritualities. So go forth and multiply these thought-forms if they float your boat, sow their seeds far and wide, and have a good time doing it. Dialog along these lines is almost guaranteed to be animated and inspiring. And we thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts for embracing and supporting the Gaia Community College. And don’t forget to wear your school colours proudly!


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The historical mission of the present is to introduce a more integral period of earth development, a period when a mutually enhancing human-earth relationship might be established – if indeed the human is to prove itself to be a viable species on a viable planet. That the human is nonviable in its present mode of patriarchal functioning seems to be quite clear. ~ Thomas Berry

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