5 April 2008

Ongoing ~ Brian Swimme perspectives

Posted by Aether under: Community News .

I am so in love with Brian Swimme, and am completely unashamed to say so. Every time the man opens his mouth something wondrous emerges to expand on our cosmological appreciation, and this interview from meaning of life .tv is no exception. If you follow this link you will get a very short segment from an hour + long interview by Robert Wright, and you can watch the whole interview below if you have the time. But I selected the “cosmic evolution” clip within the whole program because it contains one of the fundamental perspectives learned from a telling of the great story, that we are literally made of stardust. Every perspective I have encountered that relates this evolutionary fact is glorious, and this is no exception. And Brian once again tries to clarify his meaning on the wedding of science and spirituality that so many people try to pigeon hole him into. Enjoy!

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