27 December 2009

Playing for change – Peace through music

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The folks at Playing for Change (.com) have most certainly hit upon a magical formula. This is a profound and beautiful example of heart wedded with technology with the intention of inspiring planetary community. Using music as the universal language, they are traveling the world recording familiar songs with contributing musicians from different cultures, with the result being such a powerful demonstration of unity. I get so thrilled to the core of my being whenever I encounter such a wonder, and I can only hope that activities and energies like this get spread far and wide. Raising awareness about our global community, celebrating the simple things that connect us all, nurturing sustainable joy, these are the energies that we are focused on here as our lives unfold in a planetary context. I believe that these are the very things that have the power to transcend and heal the horrors and malignancies plaguing our planet at present, and everything that can be done to share them is a form of purposeful activism. Peace be with you and yours also!

Gotta love it!! Deep gratitude is surging through me….

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We also know that further imposition of our human technologies on the natural world, with such disdain for the technologies of nature, can lead only to a further impasse in the entire earth venture. ~ Thomas Berry

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