19 January 2010

Science of the Heart

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Researchers are increasingly becoming aware that the heart is vastly more than a pump, that it is in fact full of neurons and generates a powerful electromagnetic field. I often think of the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” from Gandhi when I think of human-earth relations, because what we forge within our hearts becomes the basis for how we interact with the world. Along those lines I offer this one minute short from the folks at the Institute of Noetic Sciences about heart science.

This is a beautiful example of just how powerfully our hearts influence our interactions with everything. One of my favorite Thomas Berry quotes also comes to mind ~ “Peace with each other through peace with the earth”, meaning that unless we are able to perceive, appreciate, and inhabit a place of peace within ourselves towards the earth that our chances of establishing peaceful relations within human communities are pretty slim. Of course it all starts within…

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In its human expression the universe and the entire range of earthy and heavenly phenomena celebrate themselves and the ultimate mystery of their existence in a special mode of exaltation. ~ Thomas Berry

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