17 December 2009

Spreading Science through the Heart

Posted by Biophile under: Community News .

Finding our meaningful place in the universe can make such a profound difference in our lives, and doing so playfully makes it even more magnificent. I have been wanting to post this Neil DeGrasse video for a while now as his passion and enthusiasm for sharing his discoveries are infectious, and he makes a great case for the value of understanding the significance of The Universe Story. But to make things even better, a fellow named John Boswell has created a project called The Symphony of Science where he takes clips from interviews such as the DeGrasse one and then skillfully puts them to music. In my mind, when pertinent information can be shared in such an entertaining and uplifting manner is when we start to experience grace.

I hope you enjoy these clips as much as I have.

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Until technologists learn reverence for the earth, there will be no possibility of bringing a healing or a new creative age to the earth. ~ Thomas Berry

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