8 January 2010

The Charter for Compassion

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Originally envisioned by Karen Armstrong as her wish for winning the 2008 TED prize, The Charter for Compassion is a gorgeous example of “a cooperative effort to restore not only compassionate thinking but, more importantly, compassionate action to the center of religious, moral and political life”. (quote from their website) I fell in love with the initiative as it seems that any energy that nurtures such purposeful expression of higher ideals is worthy of note.

If there is any one activity purposefully engaged in that has the power to help heal and transform our world into the one envisioned when Thomas Berry spoke about mutually enhancing relationships, compassion must be it.

Peace to you and yours,

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One of the main characteristics of the emerging ecological period is the move from a human-centered norm of reality and value to a nature-centered norm. We cannot expect life, the earth, or the universe to fit into our rational human designs of how life, the earth, or the universe should function. We must fit our thinking and our actions within the larger process. We must move from democracy to biocracy. ~ Thomas Berry

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