3 April 2008

The Future of Humanity…Now!

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Tucked away in northern Italy roughly a couple dozen miles north of Turin is a thriving example of sustainable, creative, human community. Damanhur by name, this eco-village appears by all rights to have established a fully functional ecological niche for themselves based on sustainable principles. With a spiritual grounding and a thoroughly ethical outlook, the economy of Damanhur appears in every regard to be quite healthy for all of it’s citizens, and it’s impact on surrounding municipalities positive.


Since it’s founding in 1975, the Federation of Damanhur touts itself as a living laboratory for the future of humanity and has received numerous awards and recognitions from various institutions concerned with the sustainable future of our species, including the United Nations. The have over 60 different “industries” that function as cooperative businesses, and the standard of living is high. Personal growth through artistic and creative expression are at the core of community live, and as such, the premises themselves speak of exuberant being and flights of fancy made real.

The centerpiece of Damanhur are the Temples of Humanity, a vast and sprawling underground complex of absolutely mind boggling proportions and creativity. If viewing these sacred spaces doesn’t warm your heart to the creative possibilities of human potential and vision than I am not quite sure what will. I am not even going to attempt to summon words to evoke the magnitude of what has been born from dreams there, but suffice it to say, this purposeful creation of sacred space has no equal in the modern world. You just have to see it, and hopefully one day, experience it for yourself.


In all inspiration for what can be, Damanhur is monumental testament to the human spirit. It is one of those activities that, even though I have had absolutely nothing to do with it, makes me proud to be a human. And how often does a feeling of that nature arise? Knowing that we are capable of such heights of expression and depth, not just as individual entities, but as cooperative functions of the creative universe itself is surely raison d’etre in it’s own right.

Visit Damanhur’s website.

Visit The Temples of Humanity.

There is a gorgeous coffee table book documenting Damanhur offered through Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors website.

Both photographs copyright Damanhur.

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