11 March 2011

The Evolution Revolution has begun (video)

Posted by Biophile under: Community News .

We are living in extraordinarily powerful and profound times, witnessing evolutionary changes on a magnitude that defies rational comprehension. These shifts are taking place in our hearts, in our communities, in our biology, genetics, and through the earth herself. At such a seminal time it is paramount to maintain a perspective that empowers us to remain grounded in our hearts and not get caught up in the fear, for I believe that is the only distinction that truly counts. The earth is changing, faster than we would care to believe. The global shift is underway whether we like it or not. And our hearts are the battleground…

This 16 minute video (Take the Time!) was posted a little over a week ago and it already has tens of thousands of views ~ let’s help make it viral, because the perspective that it offers is truly magnificent.

If you have been moved by this, your perspective broadened, your heart emboldened, please consider sharing it and passing it around through your networks.

Share the Empowerment!

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