17 May 2008

Two Great Videos

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While neither of these videos are literal tellings of The Universe Story, they both contain significant elements regarding mutually enhancing lifestyles for kinder human earth relations, in addition to potentially inspiring juicy good conversation, so we thought we would include them here. The first is a short film that I stumbled upon that delivers a simple message about energy conservation in a most brilliant manner. Extremely creative, and quite admirable. I hope you enjoy.

The second item is a full length movie that we watched at home last night. It floored us. Full of deep resonant archetypes that ultimately address the choices that each one of us makes about whether our lives are led in an integral fashion or not, we were duly impressed with the overall artistic presentation of content of this nature. An all too rare combination in Hollywood. There are also a couple of sequences that portray interesting renditions of the big bang, in addition to creative portrayals of consciousness issues. Not too surprising, apparently this film didn’t do too well at the box office, but is slowly gaining a strong admiration society globally. Highly recommended and thoroughly thought provoking.

I hope you are as inspired by these as we were. Enjoy!

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Although as yet unrealized, the scientific account of the universe is the greatest religious, moral, and spiritual event that has taken place in these centuries. The sublime mission of modern education is to reveal the true importance of this story for the total range of human and earthly affairs. ~ Thomas Berry

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